Advanced techniques provided by Dr. Will Kirby of Kirby Dermatology 


Dr. Will Kirby is a leader in skin health and education. The goal of Kirby Dermatology is to build patient trust and loyalty as well as continue to offer our patients the latest in skin care products and treatments available. Dr. Kirby is licensed to practice medicine in the state of California. Dr. Kirby is prepared to care for patients with various skin, nail and hair disorders including acne, dermatitis, melanoma and psoriasis, among others. Treatments provided by Dr. Kirby may include chemical peels, prescription of medication, removal of acne scars, resurfacing of the skin via lasers, and other dermatological procedures.

The Mission


Dr. Will Kirby and the staff of Kirby Dermatology are dedicated to providing the highest quality Dermatologic and Aesthetic Services to our patients, in the most comprehensive and compassionate manner possible.

Skin Cancer Prevention & Treatment

Dr. Kirby is devoted to promoting skin cancer prevention and is capable of performing nearly any skin surgery that he deems necessary to provide outstanding healthcare.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Dr. Kirby offers cosmetic dermatology to assist with areas of potential insecurity for his patients. Dr. Kirby handles cosmetic procedures with great attention to detail, the utmost respect, and in a comfortable manner for all his patients.

Tattoo & Hair Removal

Dr. Kirby specializes in laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal. He is known around the world as a leading provider of these services. When you come to Dr. Kirby you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute best service available.

Clinical Dermatology

Dr. Kirby clinical dermatology and surgical procedures designed to be highly effective in treating dermatologic diseases. With the tools of extensive training, exhaustive attention to detail, and specialized cutaneous knowledge, your surgical procedure will be handled with the highest level of competency and professionalism.